Cheap DJs Aren’t Good. Good DJs Aren’t Cheap

For almost all couples getting married, cost is the most important line item when making a decision with a vendor or a venue. If you are getting married in 2016 then you are already well aware of the 100’s of blog posts and “top 10 money saving” lists online. From showing up to a florist wearing sweat pants (so they think you are poor and give you a better deal, no joke) to using a funeral home’s limousine service at a fraction of the price (again, not kidding) these lists provide some great money saving ideas.
One area that gets brought up in EVERY wedding planning conversation is the decision of hiring a band or a DJ. Being a Wedding DJ company in Vermont, you might think we are here to convince you to hire a DJ but hold on! Let’s be clear, there are just as many benefits to hiring a band as there are a DJ. We say this to customers shopping both DJs and Bands all the time. Live music at a wedding adds a sense of energy and presence. Live music brings the personality of an entire band vs a single DJ. In fact, some of our favorite wedding DJ gigs are when we are hired as a DJ “filler” between band sets and frankly, if you can afford the best of both worlds THAT is the way to go.
But there is that word, affordability. Often times when costs are being considered the idea of a DJ becomes more enticing than a band and that’s OK! Just as a band brings a presence, a DJ brings versatility and personality to keep your wedding moving and your dance floor packed. No set breaks or awkward pauses, a wide range of music etc. etc. Again, this blog post isn’t about band vs DJ. It’s about understanding the value of a great wedding DJ vs a mediocre wedding DJ and what those price comparisons look like.
At DJ For Your Day we get 100’s of calls each year asking about our services and requesting more information. A large majority of those calls end with the all important “P” word. While many of our customers see the value in our unique approach to wedding DJing, undoubtedly there is always a small percentage who are going to make a decision based on price and price alone. “We found a guy $200 cheaper.” or our favorite “we’re just going to go with an iPod, it’s WAY cheaper”.
I get it and totally understand that money is a big (if not the biggest) factor when getting married. In no way am I saying that everyone can afford a quality DJ service and that’s OK. What I am saying is that music (weather with a band or with a DJ) is what people are going to remember from your reception. Can’t stress this enough and if you take ONE thing away from this article let it be the importance of quality entertainment at your wedding. When cutting costs this year don’t forget, the last two hours is when everyone is cutting loose and celebrating and is what people remember the most. Don’t compromise the most important part of your wedding reception by hiring a cheap DJ so you can afford the engraved salt and pepper shakers. Nobody cares about that stuff trust me! It’s all about the quality of entertainment for you and your guests.
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